Wet chalk drawings

My girls absolutely love to draw outside with their sidewalk chalk, but I had never even thought to bring it inside and use it (wet) on paper until Classified: Mom did this project with it.  They made these really cool rainbow fish inspired by the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  I love this book and my kids have also enjoyed having it read to them. 

This time we read Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monster's Cave.  Mina still can't sit through a book like that, but the two older girls really liked it. 

To do our project we pulled out some blue construction paper, gathered some of the sidewalk chalk from outside and dipped it in water before drawing. 

Just like most drawings start out, Lou draws a rainbow -- and Maisy does as her big sister does.

And here are some of our finished products:
Seahorses by Lou

Rainbow by Lou

Rapunzel by Maisy (her mainstay)

Really cool sea creature by Maisy

Gigantic blue whale by Lou

Close-up of the whale - the wet chalk left these really cool hard polka dots.

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